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As a new youtuber I admit I will start slow and have some videos that will be weird or lame but to me I got to start somewhere. I know I can make it <3 Check out my youtube channel: BuildingFaith and I’ll be uploading a new vid real soon! (Plus I will collaborate with some youtubers eventually and fangirls as well!) Love you all and God Bless! #Youtube #Youtuber #Blessed #Loved #nerdy ;p #actress #comedian #singer sorta 💋🎤😜🙏


#this moment #loooook #look at the way he holds her #the way his thumbs caress her shoulders gently #the way his chin rests lightly on her head #the way he has her softly pressed into his chest #imagine the warmth radiating between them #now look at how she snuggles up to him #trying to get as close as she possibly can #that little scoot she does #the way her hips move and grind slightly onto him #just enough friction passes #her hand on his torso #her ear pressed to the middle of his chest #and if she listens closely #she can hear the steady thump of his heart #the beat lulling her body into a textbook definition of the perfect moment




*whispers* Mulan, Merida, and Rapunzel didn’t have men saving them

*regular voice* Lilo and Nani’s sisterly love for each other was a big point in their movie

*slightly aggravated voice* Enchanted questioned marrying a man you hardly know


Literally have never heard anyone say that frozen was the firs movie to question marrying a man you jus met.


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